About Me

Laura with a football balloon

Football and family for me go together like Bert & Ernie, Fish & Chips and Blue & White. My mum and dad got married in the close season, they had blue & white bridesmaids, flowers and cake and held their wedding reception at Hillsborough. 

Their first family home together was bought because you can see the clock of the South Stand from the bedroom windows and when my brother and I were born our family enrolled us into the Junior Owls when we were only a day old.  We never stood a chance!

Family is so integral to how I became a football fan that I started to write this blog in January 2012 as a way to talk about everyday life but with a football angle.  I was tired of reading blogs that just gave a preview of a game and then the review of the match or just an update on the transfer market, I wanted to talk about how football fits into people’s lives.

Footballers themselves go through the same things that we do marriage, births, death and divorces.  They may have more disposable income but it doesn’t make them any less human.  That’s the side of football I’m interested in, the anthropological angle.

This blog was nominated for Best Female Blog at The Football Blogging Awards in its first year of publication.  It’s had a makeover since then so I hope you like what you see.

Oh and ‘Up the Owls’.

Laura x


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. My 11 year old son pounced on your blog when he saw me reading it and insisted I send the link to him. Dead pleased he has a female football fan to follow. He’s been going to Hillsborough since he was 6 weeks old and graduated to his own season ticket/seat on the Kop at 3 when he was too big to sit on his dad’s lap!

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