Election debate

Voting form with cross

Written for The Offside Rule (We Get It!)

If footballers entered the political debate would they connect with the electorate or be ridiculed for their opinions? Laura Jones asks whether players should show us more of their political personalities.

Last week Nigel Farage tried to encourage my feminine vote by putting forward the notion of scrapping the ‘tampon tax’. Currently sanitary products are classed as a ‘non-essential luxury’ item. As any woman will tell you, describing anything that’s related to your period as ‘luxury’ is stretching the meaning of the word.

It’s a well-intentioned manifesto pledge but putting that in the context of the whole UKIP ethos, it’ll be a cold day in hell before I vote for them. However, raising the issue creates a debate. Debate, if it’s constructive, is healthy and should be encouraged.

When Queens Park Rangers midfielder Karl Henry aired his views about voting Conservative in the forthcoming election, he was immediately, and in some circumstances, ferociously attacked for daring to cross over the football threshold into political territory.

Read the full article here.


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