The Football Pink 6

The Football Pink issue 6 cover

Issue 6 of The Football Pink is out now. For this issue I had a lesson with Football Manager aficionado Iain Macintosh, on how to play the computer classic.

Choose life, choose Football Manager?

We reached half-time of the Manchester United pre-season friendly. In a match that United were touted to win easily, they were losing. Iain asked me if I wanted to give the half-time team talk. At this point I wasn’t sure whether he was asking me to talk to the little computerised people on the screen but then he showed me yet another drop down menu.

Next to each player the game lists their current emotional state. Half the team were treating this friendly with distain including, Juan Mata and Maurouane Fellani. David de Gea was feeling ‘nervous’.

Iain: ‘How do you want to handle it?’

Me: ‘I want to give them the full hairdryer treatment because it says half the team can’t be arsed.’

Iain: ‘Are you sure, it’s only a pre-season friendly?’

Me: ‘Yep I want full Fergie please.’

The closest we could find was ‘I’m far from pleased with what I just saw from this team.’ Despite the slight chiding Fellani responded well and ‘looked delighted.’ It concerned me more that it sent Wayne Rooney into ‘deep thought.’ The fixture finished 2-2 and left me wondering how much time some gamers spend on perfecting their computerised morale skills.


Also in the latest issue, football’s audiovisual junk, Gretna’s nightmare, the forgotten Celtic, Peruvian intrigue, Berlin’s clubs and the wall, Punk football, the Feyenoord way, Toni Duggan interview, Goldblatt book review, Comic discussion, the division of Trieste, Changing faces, Volcanic roots football, Scillyness, Non-league days, the Irish divorce, Partizan crowd…



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