Marvellous: How Neil Baldwin became football’s friend

Neil Baldwin in Stoke City scarf waving to fans


Written for The Offside Rule (We Get It!)

Neil Baldwin: circus clown, Stoke City kit-man and club substitute. He runs his own football team, is a Keele University student union life member and friend to many celebrities. Laura Jones chats to the Chair of the Football Supporters Federation about his friendship with this extraordinary man, whose life is about to be shown on the small screen.

Lou Macari, Stoke City’s manager in the nineties, was welcomed to the Victoria Ground by a group of fans. At the end of the day, one of those fans was still outside waiting. Macari asked him what he did for a job, he said he was unemployed. The Potters’ new manager asked what he used to do, he answered: ‘circus clown’. This conversation led to an offer of work as the club’s kit-man and developed into a friendship that has lasted for over twenty years.

Read the full article here.


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