Educating Anelka

Nicholas Anelka doing quenelle gesture

Written for The Offside Rule Podcast

In February, Nicolas Anelka was banned for five matches and fined £80,000 for his“quenelle” gesture. However, Laura Jones is more concerned about the compulsory education course which the striker was ordered to complete as part of the punishment..

We’ve all been in that session at work where a trainer has been called in to give you an annual refresher about diversity or to remind youwhich fire extinguisher can you use on an electrical fire. I can see your eyes glaze over even as you read that first sentence.

Mandatory training is essential to keeping us in touch with the real work world, making us understand what is expected of us and in some case keeping us alive. As I thought about this I couldn’t help but imagine the look on Wayne Rooney’s face as he was being trained how to conduct a Display Screen Equipment workstation assessment.

Read more here.

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