Blame it on the sunshine

Man basking in sunshine

The sun has finally come out and for some, not a moment too soon.

For months now I’ve been constantly tired, feeling a little rough around the edges and there were times where parts of me looked like they’d been trampled on a little too often.

Over the winter months I’d become the essence of the Hillsborough pitch.  Not unloved, not neglected but just winter weary.

It just happened that over these last few months I’ve had quite a few opportunities to write for more football publications and guest on podcasts. I just assumed the increased workload at work and in the evenings was causing my tiredness.

It finally came to a head a few weeks ago when I was so weak that even sitting at my desk I couldn’t lift my arms enough to type on a keyboard. When you write for a living and as a passion, exhaustion is a creative killer. I knew there was something wrong with me other than working hard.

I’d reached the point of being unplayable. I am Charlton’s pitch personified.

I’ve been diagnosed with a severe vitamin D deficiency. When I say severe the doctors found very little in my body at all. It’s like I’ve been living in a cave for the past 15 years.

Vitamin D is called the ‘sunshine’ nutrient. 90% of our source comes from the sun’s rays. Like every blade of grass on a pitch, we need it to be healthy, strong and vibrant. After a long, hard and very wet winter it affects more than just playing surfaces.

This tenuous link to a football pitch analogy is a serious plea to anyone out there who feels tired all the time, suffers from headaches and is having regular muscular or bone pain. Vitamin D deficiency is very common in the UK with some NHS figures estimating that 70 -80% of the population have insufficient levels of vitamin D.

If the symptoms persistent get yourself checked out by a doctor.

Along with my super strength supplements, I’m going to be getting a dose of sunshine at the Birmingham City game  at Hillsborough today. I think it’ll do me and the pitch good to bask in the sunlight for once so that we both become playable again.


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