Spoiling the moment

Palm tree on beach in Maldives

Q: What do a 3rd round FA Cup tie and a marriage proposal in the Maldives have in common?

A: They were both spoiled by the other person(s) involved.

When BBC 5Live arrived at Hillsborough they only had eyes on romance.  A non-league team versus a struggling Championship club is an FA Cup marriage made in heaven. Except the Owls hadn’t read the Nora Ephron inspired script. The highly anticipated scenario was ruined by an oblivious Sheffield Wednesday participant.

This isn’t the first time an Owl has ruined a sweet moment.

Imagine the scene, a beach with the purest white sands, sea so clear you could see the tropical fish nibbling on the shallow reef and a sunset so beautiful it turned the sky into the deepest red hues.

The scene was set. A man had left his girlfriend in their beach hut to get ready for an evening at a floating restaurant. He takes the little box that he’d purchased the day before and kneels beneath a palm tree and awaits the woman he loves, hoping she’ll utter the word he wants to hear.

The girlfriend finishes getting dressed and walks out onto the sand strewn veranda which surrounds their beach hut. In front of her is a scene so stunning she can’t believe her eyes. The beach, the sky and the warm breeze caressing her tanning skin.

She sees her boyfriend crouched underneath the palm tree in what looks to be a strange position. Why is he squatting like that? Is he taking a picture of himself? She looks around for a camera to make sense of what he’s doing.

And then she begins to speak…

‘What are you doing down there weirdo?’

The romance is gone in an instant. No replay, no chance to make it right and a stunned opposition wondering what more they could have done to make this night right.

I did eventually realise what was happening when my then boyfriend said ‘errr’ for a long time and showed me the ring. To which I didn’t make the situation better as all I could say was ‘shit, shit, shit.’

We Owls may have spoiled the romantic moments but we make up for it in the end…right down the aisle into the final. 😉


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