Seismic Shift

San Andreas Fault

On Monday 2nd December a minor earthquake in Seattle was reported. It measured around one-two in magnitude and a further five quakes were recorded that evening.

Earthquakes are generally caused by natural geological faults such as gaps between the tectonic plates or volcanic activity, Monday’s tremor was however caused by a local American football team, the Seattle Seahawks. Their fans wild celebrations caused the earth to move.

So if it is possible for the earth to shake through fan celebration is it conceivable for their displeasure to disrupt the Richter scale too?

Across the Atlantic in Sheffield 6, Neil Warnock’s contention for the vacant Sheffield Wednesday managerial position may now be over but there is a chasm of ill feeling between Owls fans, the like of which I have never seen.

The aftershocks are still being felt and are unlikely to desist because a distance between the fans has already been created.

On one side you have the anti-Warnock fans who stand proudly on the WarNOck Plate and on the other side you have the pro-Warnock contingent who begrudgingly stand on the ColIN Plate. In between the two lies the San Mandaric Fault, a void who’s unawareness of the situation caused the rumbling to begin.

Those on the pro Warnock plate are berating fans for driving away the ‘best’ candidate, that they are tribal ‘morons’ and ‘imbeciles’ and that they hate United more than they love Wednesday.

Those on the anti-Warnock plate can’t forgive him for his hatred of the club, believe that he’s a managerial dinosaur who only wants a part time job and don’t understand why you would cause a rift for no guarantee of survival.

These opposing plates will continue to rub against each other, causing wave after wave of abuse and in some cases hatred. Both sets of fans believing they stand for what is right for the club.

Whichever side of the San Mandaric Fault line you stand there will be bemoaning and cries of ‘if Warnock had been manager we would have….’

This isn’t going to go away. The chairman has called for the fans to be ‘united’, a poor choice of words in the circumstances, but the sentiment is clear. We can stand on our sides and cause a tsunami of abuse but that isn’t going to help Sheffield Wednesday fight relegation.

It’s going to take a while to clean up the debris caused by Warnock’s shortlisting, we may never be able to rebuild what we had but if we get behind whoever is selected for the manager’s role and do our best to avoid relegation maybe we can cause a minor celebratory tremor of our own.

No-one wants a permanent continental drift between fans.


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