The Mule and the Goat

White goat

A football fable for Dave Jones and Chris Kirkland.

The Mule and the Goat

Each week a farmer brings out three large bags of food for his animals to feast on but the farmyard is exposed to predators that come and steal the food away.

Sometimes the farmyard animals fight valiantly to keep their three bags of sustenance but each time they’re left with just one bag or nothing at all.

Time and again the yard is broken into by the likes of Rams and Seagulls who take away all the food. The farm fought back against an assault from the Lions and managed to keep enough grain to feed themselves that week but they were becoming weaker by the day.

In the yard the most consistent defender of the food was the Goat. Although he wasn’t strong he was nimble and agile and more often than not helped the farm keep at least some of its nourishment.

But one autumn day The Mule, who was highest in the pecking order, saw a pack of Terriers on the horizon. The Mule decided the Goat wasn’t doing enough to help the farm.

The Mule stood on a bale of hay and announced to the rest of the animals, ‘The goat has not been making the saves we need him to make and he has not kept all of our food this autumn.’

The Goat was sent to the barn. As the Goat watched on The Terriers ran into the yard, frightened the rest of the animals and walked out with all three bags of food.

Starving and dejected the other farmyard animals began to question the Mule about his decision to leave the goat in the barn to which the Mule responded, ‘I don’t need to keep reminding you of my leadership skills.’

The Goat left in the winter to find another farm where his skills would be appreciated. The Mule starved to death.

The moral of the story:  In times of famine don’t be stubborn and make scapegoats of your best hope of staying alive.


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