Football Mums

Footballer’s Mums could be a not so successful spin off show to Footballer’s Wives.  Behind every footballer there is a mother, whether they are nice, nasty or downright crazy they did give life to some of the greatest (and not so great) footballing talents.  Here are a few of those mum’s to celebrate…or stare at in bemusement.

Katie Chapman

Katie Chapman holding FA Cup

The Arsenal ladies captain was at one point the only elite women’s player in the English game to have young children.  Katie had two young boys and continued to play competitive matches up until seven months into both her pregnancies.  Quite a feat when most women can barely walk during that part of the gestation.  After the birth of her first child she was back training with the Arsenal Ladies squad six weeks after giving birth.

The midfielder unfortunately had to give up her international career because of being a mum.  Juggling two young children and travelling away to international games and tournament whilst playing club football became untenable.

Due to only being able to play part time she is now re-training to be a beautician.  A sad indictment of the women’s game.

Berit Riise

Berit Riise

John Arne Riise and Bjørn Helge Riise’s mother became Scandinavia’s first female FIFA agent in 2000.  She acted as both her son’s manager and agent.

In 2004 she was admitted to a psychiatric hospital after accusing a former Norwegian coach of sexual harassment.  Fans of the club sent her hate mail and called her throughout the night.  She said she felt she had ‘the hatred of an entire city.’

In 2012 she published her autobiography ‘Just a Mom’ in which she laid bare the domestic abuse she encountered from her first husband, the father of John Arne.  The footballers found out that their father had raped their mother via the book and not from herself.  Whether this was true only Berit and her ex-husband will ever know.

Carol Konchesky

Carol Konchesky Facebook page

Sometimes mum’s can be a hindrance to a footballing career rather than a help.

Carol Konchesky let her mothering protective instincts get out of hand when she responded to Liverpool fans berating her son Paul.  Hurt by the abuse her son had been receiving by the Liverpool supporters she took to social media to brand them ‘scouse scum’ and that she never wanted to move to Merseyside because ‘we don’t like the way they talk.’

Paul’s mum went on to brand the Liverpool team ‘shit’ and that they ‘were living in the past’.  Within a month Paul was shipped out on loan to Nottingham Forest.

Maggie Hughes

Maggie Hughes

Former Oxford United player Robert Hughes was attacked in Crete in 2008.  Whilst on holiday he was stabbed with a broken bottle and his head was repeatedly stamped on. Robert was left severely brain damaged.

Maggie campaigned to improve victims rights and access to medical and judicial services in the European Union.  Her fight started because she and her family had no direction to bring her son back to health or her son’s attackers to justice whilst in Greece.

Maggie’s four years campaigning culminated in a change in European legislation which will aid all victims of crime across Europe.

“I’m just a mum – If something happens to one of your family or children something happens to you, you get a second strength.”

Robert Hughes was given 48 hours to live but he pulled through with severe memory loss, so much so he couldn’t ever remember playing professional football.  Robert recovered and played for Welling United with the help of his mum.

Happy Mother’s Day to all footballing and non footballing mums.  Hope you have a lovely day. 



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