Football Blogging Awards 2012

2012 Football Blogging Awards

‘I would like to thank my mother, my father, my brother, my aunt’s embroidery teacher, David Hirst….’

Thankfully the audience didn’t get to hear my acceptance speech but there is always next year. I’d really like to thank everyone who voted for Yes I Can Explain The Offside Rule (@YICETOR). I started YICETOR six months ago with no expectations and now I’ve got expectations to live up to.  Who’d have thought it!

Congratulations to The Liver Bird who won the Best Female Football Blog. I met her briefly last night and she is lovely. She did however confuse the hell out of me by talking in a Black Country accent, not a trace of scouse in sight!!

I also met the organiser’s granddad who did worry me a little as at first he didn’t seem to have anything to do with the awards.  He spoke to me about Indians being killed by wild animals in Africa and then asked me which one was Kirsty Liver Bird as he’d been following her. I did for a brief moment fear for her safety but he was harmless and he did snaffle our table an extra bottle of champagne.

The first four awards were handed out. Best Male to The 4th Official, Best Female to The Liver Bird, Best New Blog to My Old Man Said and Best Veteran Blog to Six Tame Sides.

During the break between the awards our table had an unofficial vote for Best Hanger On between my best friend and the friend of Lost Boyos Blogger Matthew. Our hangers on toasted the fact that they were ‘baggage’ for the evening which gave them both their names for the evening. Lost Boyos flamboyant Italian/Welsh friend won the ‘baggage’ award hands down.  He accepted his award of another free glass of champagne with aplomb.

After discussions about TWAG’s (Transvestite WAGs) the awards resumed with Best Club Specific Blog to Anything Palmeiras, Best Podcast to Chelsea Fancast (where I found out they do 2 hours every week, but with John Terry in the squad they probably need longer) and Best Video Blog to The League of Ireland.

Best acceptance of the evening was from Best Comedy Blog Fitba Thatba. It was a video message that consisted of every possible acceptance style, voice, content you can image. Very funny boys and made your award even more deserved.

The night wrapped up with chats about how Roberto Baggio is perfect (not my words that was from ‘baggage’). But what made the evening worthwhile to me was Liver Bird (Kirsty) saying she had read my blog and there was nothing else like it out there. This is exactly the reason I started YICETOR.

So congratulations to all the winners, commiserations to the runners up and thank you to The Football Blogging Awards for a lovely evening. Onto bigger and better things for us all next year, even the ‘baggage’.



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