Promotion Memory Blog

Saturday 5th May was a very special day for Sheffield Wednesday fans.  Here are some of the best memories of the day as told by you the Owls.

Pete Mckee WAWAW print

Christine McCann @CannMcCann – ‘Antonio taking on three of them (Wycombe) and then turning round and beating them again.’

Simon Farrow @SIFARROW – ‘Getting to share club history with my niece, @LoRD_H and 37,500+ Wednesdayites.’

Lisa Mangle – ‘Well, I have a few….and they involve balloons, blow up paddling pools, bursting a blood vessel in my hand from clapping so much….lots of bouncing…..players who were playing to win for 90 minutes….but the best was the Shhhhhhh on the message board, followed by Exeter 1 Sheffield United 0!’

Mat Smith –  ‘Knowing that that match was the biggest attended game of the season in the football League. Realising that I have saved a few hundred quid by not having to attend a play off final. But most off all that feeling that we are a proper no f**king it up club any more.’

Joe Rennie @joe72_ ‘definitely the few minutes around Michail Antonio’s goal and the scoreboard reading ‘Sssshhhh’. Fantastic feeling.’

Greg Smith @greggo1867 – ‘there’s just so many (over the season) O’Grady’s goal v United, chanting Megson’s name at the end, Udders games, Antonio v Carlisle…kop before the game yesterday… Think I’m gonna go with that one, was immense!’

Lord Hillsborough @LORD_H – ‘Getting the chance to put so many twitter names to faces! And having the memories to keep forever with my son.’

Joanne Booth @owljo – ‘the whole day was amazing but the Wycombe fans joining in and embracing the party spirit was just amazing. Am still smiling x’

Ryan Billau @bigrbuk – ‘best memories of yesterday – 4 sides giving Milan Mandaric MASSIVE appreciation, to his delight and mutual appreciation with Wycombe fans.’

Ben Jones – ‘ Loads of happy smiling faces, a pitch full of people and the euphoria of goals for us and Exeter within a minute. Glorious.’

Bryan SWFC @Bungledinho – ‘ the neighbour coming around thinking i was being attacked/having a heart attack when the full time whistle was blown.’

Johnny Smith @JohnnySmith_UTO – ‘The sight of 38000 wednesdayites going mental when Antonio scored was priceless. Wycombe fans applauding everything was just class!’

Peter Kitching @peterakitching – ‘Looking round Hillsborough just before kick off and knowing I’d never see her so full of Wednesdayites again.’

Damien Lodge @lodgey50 – ‘best memory of promotion season? Gary Megson bouncing on the pitch after derby match.’


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