Diary of an Anxious Owl

woman biting nails

05.04 – Woke up almost bolt up upright. Looked at my phone for the time. 10 more hours to go. Put on a series of Family Guy to lull me back to sleep.
08.00 – finished watching whole series of Family Guy interspersed with 3 mugs of tea. Decided to get up.
08.24- why is time going backwards? Tweeted lots but still nervous. Put The Good Wife on that I’d recorded in the week. That’ll take up an hour. Had a retweet from Craig ‘Rocky’ Rocastle. It’s a sign!!!

08.55- chuffing American programmes making room for all their adverts. Sat watching Supernanny now because the BBC only want to talk about Boris.
9.30- decided to have a shower because let’s face it I need one! Sat reading Bill Bryson for a while after. Who knew houses could be so interesting! Busy thinking about Llera and a lovely headed goal from a corner in the 27th minute.
10.31- I’ve decided to do some cleaning to use up some of this adrenaline. For those of you who know me you might like to pick yourself up off the floor now. The living room is like where dust came to retire. Why is it only 10.33???
10.48- huh amazing what you find when you clean. I’ve discovered a library book that I’ve probably had for 6 weeks. Trip to the library methinks before I make my way to Fortress Hillsborough.
11.05- cleaned the mirror and wondered why Dennis Healey was looking back at me. Note to self…book eyebrow wax. Cleaning points out many negatives. Think I’ll give up now.
11.22- Ok need to leave the house now before I go completely stir crazy. Lucky jumper, check. Lucky scarf, check. Forgot to brush teeth. I’ll be back….
11.37- £1.40 it’s just cost me to take my book back to the library. Still only 10p a day. No wonder they keep shutting them down. And the title of the offending book, Hillsborough-The Truth. Hoping that’s not a bad sign that things are going to be costly at S6 today!
11.57- on the drive to my parents saw a group of Wednesdayites wrapped in flags. A blue and white spectacle. I tooted the horn to try and get them to shout Wednesday but they looked at me liked I’d just pissed on their kids. Won’t be doing that again.
12.35- watching Football Focus. Jordan Rhodes interview and a mention of Wednesday. Logical move for you Jordan! No mention of United. Dan Walker is an honorary Owl!!
13.06- family from all corners of the country are eating copious amounts of sandwiches supplied by Mum Jones. Mixture of positivity and worry. I’m more confused than a child being asked whether they want to live with mum or dad after an acrimonious divorce.
13.19- To add to the celebrations it’s my brothers birthday. He’s opening presents right now. He’s just got a chance to fly a plane for the day. Another Owl flying high.
13.49- I love my mum and her taste in sculpture but I’ve just jumped up in excitement and impaled a buttock on a piece of mounted driftwood Good job I’m not going to be sitting down today.
13.56- started walking down to Hillsborough. Never walked down this early but I just need to be there now.
14.18- at the Mighty Hillsborough. Players have just come out to train to rapturous applause. Fair play to the Wycombe fans. An eclectic mix of fancy dress. Players look calm and ready.
14.35- Bon Jovi playing over the tannoy. Keep The Faith.  There are so many inflatables being thrown on the Kop it looks like a weekend at Skeggie.  Pretty sure I’ve just seen a paddling pool on top of the big flag.
14.55 – It’s time.  Players are coming out onto the pitch to the Thompson Twins. Bit random.  God this is it.  C’mon Wednesday.
15.00 – Kick off.
15.25 –GET IN.  Antiono I think I love you.  Nice little nick between two defenders.
15.26 – As if it couldn’t get any better. Shhhhhhhhh Exeter 1 – Blades 0.  We’re going to do this.  We’re really going to do it.
15.29 – Flare goes off in the North Stand.  It smells like someone is burning.
15.52 – Half Time.  No real danger.  Team looks calm and prepared.  David Hirst has just come onto the pitch.  I know he’s twice the man he was but he’s still my David Hirst. 🙂  Sheffield bands playing over the tannoy.
16.00 – Players are back out for the second half.
16.10 – GOOOAAAAALLLL Nile Ranger makes it 2-0.  I take back calling you a lummox for most of the match and laughing at your inability to jump for a header.
17.04 – Still waiting for all the dickheads to get off the pitch.  Feels like an anti-climax now.  We just want to see the boys do a lap of honour and thank them for what they’ve achieved today.
17.06 – LOL Wycombe fans singing ‘This City is Yours’ and the Wednesday fans clapping and bowing down to them.
17.08 – Owls team do a shortened lap of honour because they dickheads have run onto the pitch again.  They’ve got their kids with them.  Have some respect.  Well Done Wednesday you’ve done us proud all season.
17.18 – Walking back to parents waving to the Wycombe fans.  See a lad who obviously ran onto the pitch when the lap of honour was happening because he was wearing one of the player’s promotion t-shirts.  It was crowded so I stuck a leg out and tripped him up.  Felt better.
17.31 – Walked into parents and was handed a beer as I walked through the door.  Doesn’t get better than that.  FA Cup Final already on a Chelsea winning but who cares?  The real cup final has already been won.
20.30 – On way into town with my brother and his best friend.  Time to celebrate Sheffield style. 🙂
11.45 – Town was suprisingly quiet however every pub we walked past there was a different Owls song being sung.  It was glorious.  No sign of any Blades.  Wonder why!  🙂
My brother told me that when the Flag went over them on the Kop before the match started the smell was bad.  Fermenting beery farts.  Not what you want to be trapped with.
Sooo tired.  Started to watch TV when I got in but Lee Nelson was on.  I’ve decided to go to bed.  19 hours awake and the amount of adrenaline used has done for me.
What a day.  I’m so proud to be a Wednesdayite today.  I’ll watch it all again tomorrow on the Football League Show.  Night Owls. x

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