Robbie the Hobby Footballer

Robbie Fowler

The Daily Mail has reported that The Owls are interested in signing ‘veteran striker’ Robbie Fowler.

36 year old Fowler hasn’t played competitive football in England since 2008 when he played briefly for Blackburn Rovers. His last club were Muangthong United, the Manchester City of the Thai Premier League.

Robbie is in an enviable position. He doesn’t ever need to play football again. In 2006 he was named the 3rd richest footballer in the country due to owning racehorses and most of Oldham, but even though he doesn’t need the money Fowler turned down an offer to play for Blackpool after they offered him £100 per week. Understandable as that wage probably breaks the minimum wage law but he was also offered a £5000 pay per play bonus.

To pay for Fowler, Wednesday would probably have to break their wage cap. Wednesday’s wage cap has helped steady the financial ship after years of spending money on ‘has been’ and terminally injured veteran players. Do you see why I’m concerned about this rumour?  Signings like this were the beginning of our unhealthly relationship with the tax man.

Fowler was undoubtedly one of the best players of the Premier League and a talisman for Liverpool but the operative word is ‘was’.

Wednesday do need experienced players but we should now be looking to the future. We profited from cultivating relationships with Premier League clubs when Ben Marshall joined The Owls (let’s try and forget Chelsea’s Jimmy Smith…oh you already have, sorry for reminding you). We should also be looking at up and coming players. If Matt Tubbs from Crawley can be signed by Bournemouth then surely Wednesday can begin to attract young talented players.

If Dave Jones is insistent on being retro can he please sign Kevin Phillips? It’ll at least stop the bugger from scoring against us!


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